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Welcome to our internet presentation. We are a business company focused on high quality Czech costume jewellery products. We are distributors of AG plus ltd and Inspiration(c) jewelry.

We carry attractive goods for wedding shops, fashion boutiques, fashion designers, hobbyshops, etc... Simply for everyone who is looking for fashion accessories, all sorts of beads and costume jewellery components, fancy appliques for dresses, shoes and boots, and for flat/shop interiors. Our products are made in the Czech Republic by professional designers with „sense for quality and originality“. We are happy to say that our goods are produced in harmony with the ecological and working terms respected in the whole civilised world.

Our stock goods – ready for immediate expedition – can be viewed and bought in our e-shop wholesale and retail, which is being continuously enhanced.

We are happy to pay a visit to your shop/company and bring you goods you show your interest in. We are not focused just on wholesale. We are a flexible company that due to its experince in costume jewellery industry is able to ensure unique conditions for unique orders, that by their nature exceed the wholesale conditions.


Eclat de Mode Bijorhca 2016

Eclat de Mode Bijorhca 2016 See you in Paris from 2nd to 5th September.

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Eclat de Mode Bijorhca show, Paris, 4 - 7 September

Eclat de Mode Bijorhca show, Paris, 4 - 7 September We would like to invite you all to visit our booth at this popular wholesale exhibition. Bijorhca takes place from 4th to 7th September.

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exchange rate discount

Thanks to our central bank intervention the exchange rate CZK-EUR has changed to 26.90. Since now all orders in EUR currency will be charged using this new exchange rate. In another words it is 8% discount :)

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Out of office 1st - 9th...

Dear customers, 

we are leaving for Bijorhca exhibition.

We are back in the office from 12th September. Your orders will be executed when we are back.


Thank you for your understanding! 

exchange rate actualization

CZK / EUR exchange rate has been updated to 24.00


As usually in February we would like to invite you to see our presentation on the Kabo - Styl fashion fair. It takes place from 15th to 17th February. Location is Brno tradefair.


We carry stock of goods with us so that you can purchace our jewellery right on the place!

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