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I would like to welcome you to our eshop wholesale with original Czech jewellery, beads & components! You can find some important information about our wholesale on this page. If you would like to know any additional info regarding our e-shop please ask me by e-mail, ICQ or give me a ring.

How to become a wholesale customer? basic information for our wholesale customers
When you are not registered and/or not checked-in than you see the retail prices. The space between our retail and wholesale prices is standart and fair enough for our business partners. Only registered and logged-in customers can see the wholesale prices.

Our wholesale accepts only registrations from business people who use our goods for further business or manufacturing or other purpose. If you are not a registered business people in your country, you should not apply to become our wholesale customer. We will be pleased to serve you in the retailshop version of our eshop. Thank you.

If you would like to become our wholesale customer, please, fill in the register form .  Your  "account" will be active as retail immediatelly - after we personally check your company details we will give you the wholesale discount . You will be informed by email.

Once the wholesale account is active, you can simply login and start shopping at the wholesale prices.

IMPORTANT note for our wholesale customers from the EU
If your company is VAT registered in the EU you should fill in the correct identification number in the registration form. This is very important because if you dont give us your VAT number than we have to charge you 20% tax. We verify every VAT number that is given to us.

How to do shopping?
The goods in our e-shop is sorted in to few categories and subcategories (beads, jewellery etc). You can find the root categories in the left column. From there you can easily go "click by click" to your favourite goods. Add the items that you would like to buy to the shopping cart. You can check the cart in the top right corner any time. If you would like to finish shopping and confirm the order, please, click on the "checkout" button in the shopping cart. Order rewiev is the last page of the order process - click "finish order" . You will recieve an order confirmation automatically.

As soon as possible we confirm your order personally considering the stock availability of desired goods, your comments to the order etc.

About our goods and stock
Recently we sell Czech qualitty goods only. All jewellery from us is nickel-free and meets all hygienical and other rules of EU. All the goods that you can see on our web site is in stock in the mentioned quantity, stock availability information is 99% reliable.

The prices shown on the e-shop (for logged-in users) are wholesale prices. Excluding shipping and packing costs that are charged as follows:

Shipping and packing costs, ways of transport
This English version of conditions of use is basically written for customers out of Czech rep. We give you the exact quote for shipping to your address if you ask. Usually the shipping + packing costs within EU are:

from 10,- to 30,- EUR
if the wholesale order exceeds 1500 EUR we charge no shipping costs within the EU

Please add a note to the order about the prefered way of shipment.

Customers out of EU are welcomed, we find the shipping costs to your adress for your specific request.

Payment conditions
Foreighn customers should pay in advance on our bank account. In EUR or CZK currency. IMPORTANT: Please wait with the money transfer for our personal confirmation of the order and transfer instructions.

Warranty and responsibility
The goods is covered by guarantee given by the Czech law. Warranty covers material and workmanship defects for 24months.

We are not responsible and will not refund any damage (eg lost profit, good name damage etc.) that would be caused by our business relationship. By placing and order to us you agree with this condition.

Privacy policy
All data you give to us are considered as private. No information that you give to us will be given to a third party. All your personal data can be immediately deleted from our system on your request.


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